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Get a Sugar Baby Trade Journals

Like any worthwhile pursuit, Sugar Daddy dating comes with its own trade magazines. Sugar Daddies are competitive by nature, and where there is competition there is always one guy doing it better than his contemporaries and yet another guy writing about the whole thing.

Unlike most trade journals, Sugar Daddy publications come with foldouts of hot naked women and slick pictorials featuring sports cars. Continuing education is no longer a total drag.

GQ MagazineContrary to popular belief, GQ is not a just a men’s fashion magazine anymore, it encompasses the entire landscape of the Sugar Daddy lifestyle. Some of the nation’s top journalists write for GQ, covering topics such as arts, entertainment, technology, food, cars, politics, sex, global events and of course, fashion.

GQ’s strong point above all is their coverage of women. Some of the most visually stunning examples of which include Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima (maybe not a household name but soon to be one).

If you’re not into the articles at least you can look at the pictures but you have to admit, what woman wouldn’t be impressed by a rich Sugar Daddy who can cleverly converse about chef of the year Jose Andres and his five top dishes?

Maxim Magazine Maxim is a more irreverent version of GQ and it bills itself as the magazine that features hot girls, sexy photos, videos, celebrities, gaming and humor. The articles are a stream-of-consciousness romp that poke fun at a lot of contemporary morays. Maxim also covers current events that really matter like The Hottest Girls of the ACC, 100 Funniest Jokes, and Stars on the Beach (hot bodies, etc.).

PlayboyPlayboy has maintained a strict editorial focus since its first edition in 1953 and this magazine is credited with being the one that launched the Sugar Daddy lifestyle. Founded by the ultimate Sugar Daddy, Hugh Heffner, Playboy still delivers the goods more than five decades later.

Marketed as an entertainment, girls, games and advice magazine, Playboy has become so socially mainstream that no Sugar Baby is going to raise a single eyebrow if she sees two or three back issues strewn on Sugar Daddy’s coffee table.

Playboy’s online presence has grown dramatically over the past few years so if you’re of the mindset that print is dead, rest assured you can still check out the latest centerfold on your I-Phone, but it’s not exactly the same. A naked woman with a staple in her navel is what we we’re raised on, and that simply doesn’t translate online.

Car & Driver It has been said that a man is measured by four things; his house, his woman, his shoes and his car.

Although completely devoid of naked, or even scantily clad women, Car & Driver still has an important place in the Sugar Daddy lifestyle. The magazine features the most comprehensive reviews of thousands of cars, providing Sugar Daddy with hundreds of transportation options without him ever leaving the comfort of his couch.

A lot of thinking precedes the purchase of a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes and Car & Driver allows the Sugar Daddy to buy his next ride with total confidence.

That’s right Sugar Daddies, Cosmo.

CosmopolitanBilled as “The Women’s Magazine for Fashion, Sex Advice, Dating Tips and Celebrity News” Cosmopolitan is one of the most essential weapons in the Sugar Daddy’s information arsenal. If you really want to know just what goes on in the mind of the Sugar Baby, Cosmo delivers in every single issue.

The concept may seem unorthodox but a Sugar Daddy who reads Cosmo is no different than a Japanese businessman who reads USA Today. You have to know what the other side is thinking if you intend to maintain an advantage.

Founded by Helen Gurley Brown, a former Playboy bunny, Cosmo is a great read because it explores topics that no other mainstream publication would touch with a ten-foot kielbasa. It is essential that every self-respecting Sugar Daddy knows about the sordid details of Kim Kardashian’s sex life, what women think about in bed and 75 Crazy-Hot Sex Moves. You would be AMAZED how often intelligence like this comes in handy.