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Wealth Seeks Beauty Essential Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide
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Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide
Five Online Retail Websites Every Sugar Baby Needs to Know

Online Sugar Daddy Dating Hotspots 

Being a Sugar Baby isn't all massages and cosmopolitans at the day spa; a lot of hard work and preparation work goes into outfitting and accessorizing the perfect benefactress. Competition for quality Sugar Daddies is fierce, time is a scarce commodity and looking good in any situation requires knowing what to buy and where to buy it. In addition to lingerie and thongs, Sugar Babies are saddled with the responsibilities of buying sex toys, great wine, making travel arrangements and even buying gifts for Sugar Daddy's most important clients.

Sugar Babies, forget crowded outlet malls and overpriced boutiques because online shopping makes the impossible easy. Nothing beats online shopping because the prices are way below retail and whatever you desire gets delivered right into your hot little manicured hands.

Mainstream lingerie websites like Fredericks.com and VictoriasSecret.com are fine but they are a little pricey when held in comparison to the more daring upstart online sexwear retailers.

Panties.comThis website never fails to disappoint and features the slogan "the gift that touches her when you can't," even though I don't know a single guy who has ever shopped here. Think about how difficult it is for you as a woman to find the perfect bra and you've had those same breasts your entire life; so a Sugar Daddy stands no chance at getting this one right. It's up to you to find the slinkiest, sexiest and outright delicious underwear.

Sugar Babies can select from a wide variety of erotic panties, bras, lingerie sleepwear and bedroom treats. Last time I checked the panties were the very thing covering the bedroom treats but you get the idea. This site sells reasonably-priced panties and a multitude of other vaginawear in a multitude of proprietary colors including sorbet, mellow yellow, apricot, sheer pink and every shade and nuance in between.

Never have so many hot thongs existed in one place, and for prices so low you won't believe it until you've shopped here. Their assortment of items is extraordinary and ever changing so don't expect to buy the same item twice if you wait too long between orders. The site is easy to navigate and you'll get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of their legendary blowout sales. Check this one out.

LingerieDiva.com This one-stop lingerie wonderland takes pride in their "Look of Elegance" approach to selling sexy garments and is known as the online store with the sexiest costumes at the lowest prices. If you're looking for bodystockings, shoes, boots, corsets, bustiers and camisoles, they have it all. There is not a single item of sexwear you won't find here.

Sugar Babies can play dress up and become anything from a hot nurse, sexy cop, French maid, bi-curious schoolgirl and every other conceivable male sexual fantasy. Sugar Daddies are powerless against the luscious Sugar Baby that can confidently don another persona and take role playing to the next level. Show Sugar Daddy your hottest look and you'll get his attention, show Sugar Daddy you can crack the whip in a form-fitting Wonder Woman costume and he'll grovel at your feet.

Since excitement is the high-octane that propels the Sugar Daddy relationship, LingerieDiva.com is a necessary weapon in the Sugar Baby arsenal. Their extensive inventory of fresh, cutting edge European-inspired sexwear will get Sugar Daddy interested and KEEP him interested. Once again, Sugar Baby is in charge when Sugar Daddy hands over the charge card.

3Wishes.comI know, free the genie from the bottle and you'll get three wishes, it's cute but not accurate in this case. The website should actually be called "infinite wishes" because their variety and intensity of sexwear is unmatched and their product line is one of the most erotic being sold on the Internet today. 3Wishes.com offers screaming hot lingerie, bras, panties, costumes, clubwear, hats and even fetishwear.

Costume themes include cheerleaders, cops & robbers, country girl, cowgirls & Indians, executive lady, fairies & angels, genies, super heroes, jungle girl, military, nurse, pirate, school girl, and every holiday-themed piece of lingerie imaginable.

The website is particularly cool because it's highly visual and features large photos of models wearing their unique sex gear. It's difficult to confidently purchase skimpy panties and thongs online unless you can see how these teeny tiny undergarments really cling to a curvy female body. 3Wishes.com models are stunning and make it perfectly clear what the right sexwear can do for the right woman.

Shipping is free for all purchases and all major credit cards are accepted so go crazy Sugar Babies, choose your weapon.

AdamEve.com Adam & Eve is one of the most trusted, longest running online retailer of adult novelties. Let's face it, we all use this stuff but nobody is comfortable buying it in-person, except for this one bisexual nurse we know of but we'll save that story for another day.

Discretion is assured (plain brown wrapper so to speak) and this online retailer sells sex-charged paraphernalia in categories including, but not limited to; anal sex toys, cock rings, dildo sex toys, kinky bondage, male masturbators, penis enhancers, ben wa balls, gay sex toys, lesbian toys, love dolls, men's sex toys, nipple toys, oral sex toys, penis enhancers, penis pumps, pussy pumps, sex swings, sex toy kits, strap on sex toys, traditional vibrators, anal vibrators, g-spot vibrators, realistic vibrators, clit vibrators, bullet-eggs, discreet vibrators, double penetration, luxury vibrators, mini vibrators, pocket rockets, rabbit vibrators, realistic vibrators, vibrator kits, wand massagers, women's sex toys, anal stimulator, clitoral stimulator, massaging beads, material cyberskin, lingerie, corsets, bustiers, fantasy wear costumes, hosiery, garters, and every adult movie ever made.

I'll admit it, I don't even know what half of this stuff is, but if there wasn't a market for it they wouldn't carry it. If your sex toy of choice doesn't exist here it's probably illegal or you shouldn't have it anyway. AdamEve.com has it ALL. Shop here now.

Wine.comAccording to Forbes and Internet Retailer magazine, Wine.com is the leading online wine retailer for seven years running.

This site is essential for every Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy. If wine is the nectar of the Gods then Wine.com is Mount Olympus. Wine.com features every type of wine broken out by price category and even rates their vinos and provides detailed taste descriptions for every last bottle. Out of the 20,000 or so varieties of wine they offer there isn't a bad bottle in the lot.

If you've never used this site you will be amazed by how many great bottles of wine there are for less than $20. In terms of wine, price is irrelevant, taste is what matters.

Wine categories by region include; California, Washington, Oregon, Australia, New Zealand, France (Bordeaux, Rhône, others), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Germany,
Greece, South America, South Africa and Japan.

Whether you are looking for Red, White, Rosé, Champagne, Sherry, Port or even Sake, there is no better place to shop for wine than Wine.com. They even feature wine gift sets guaranteed to make ideal high-impact gifts for Sugar Daddy's most important clients or Sugar Baby's special Sugar Daddy. This website is literally all things to all people so take advantage of their prices, fast delivery and variety before you even consider walking into a liquor to buy an overpriced bottle from a lackluster selection.

Wine.com is the only way to go.

These five key websites are essential tools for all Sugar Babies. If you're going to spend Sugar Daddy's money you might as well get the most mileage out of every last dollar.