Wealth Seeks Beauty, Essential Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide Wealth Seeks Beauty Matches Wealthy Sugar Daddies with Beautiful Sugar Babies and Generous Sugar Mommies with Handsome and Lively Sugar Puppies
Wealth Seeks Beauty Essential Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide
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Wealth Seeks Beauty Online Sugar Daddy Dating Profile
Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide
The Essential Sugar Daddy Online Dating Guide

Sugar Daddy Online Dating
Online Sugar Daddy Dating Guide 
Guide to Sugar Daddy Online Dating

Online Dating Tips Strictly for Sugar BabiesSugar Daddy dating has made the social scene infinitely more effective for women who possess a strong sense of self and a clear vision of the lifestyle they want to lead. For the Sugar Babies who know how the Sugar Daddy scene works, have at it ladies. For the new Sugar Babies who are sticking their perfectly pedied toe in the water for the first time, take a few minutes to get acquainted with the doís and doníts of Sugar Daddy dating.

From the comfort of your ergonomically designed computer chair you can post you Sugar Baby personal profile online, but just like any other endeavor a little advice can save a tremendous amount of time and effort when seeking a Sugar Daddy. Think of it this way, before the advent of the Internet you had to date a guy for six months before finding out he was broker as a joke. Now, by abiding by a few simple guidelines, you can find your perfect Sugar Daddy in the time it takes to exchange a few e-mails.

Nothing kills the chemistry faster for a wealthy Sugar Daddy than discovering that your profile was bogus. Every Sugar Baby has the natural inclination to embellish their resume so to speak, but resist the urge regardless. Once you meet the perfect Sugar Daddy you are going to regret that you did anything to jeopardize his trust. If Sugar Daddy finds out you lied on your profile his first inclination is to wonder if you can be trusted at all.

Never disclose too much personal information, if any, during the first round of e-mails or conversations. Donít give up cell phone numbers, addresses, places of employment or anything else you may regret later if this potential Sugar Daddy doesnít make the final cut. Introductions are a forum for the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby to find out if any chemistry exists. Favorite movies, restaurants, likes and dislikes are all perfect conversation points. Once the two of you have established a solid level of comfort then proceed like you would with any other potential suitor.

Keep the first meeting with Sugar Daddy in a neutral location, preferably a very public place, and always leave a travel plan behind with someone reliable. Thereís no need to be paranoid but when meeting someone, anyone, for the first time it is just basic common sense to let someone else know where you are going and when youíll return. Set up an ďIím OKĒ call or text for about fifteen minutes into the date with Sugar Daddy so your lifeline knows youíre safe. If you decide to go to another locale with Sugar Daddy then take your own ride. If Sugar Daddy is a gentleman, and most of them are, heíll understand your precautions and be sensitive to the fact that you need to feel safe. NEVER give into pressure to do anything you donít want to do.

Sugar Daddy Online Dating Tip #4Exchange PLENTY of pictures up front. Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies alike have very specific tastes, and there is absolutely no point in providing pictures of yourself that are three years old or ones that really donít look like you. Inversely, Sugar Daddy should reciprocate as well, without hesitation. One of the first warning signs to be on the lookout for is if Sugar Daddy claims he doesnít have any recent pictures of himself. Thatís the same as a lifeguard going to the beach and forgetting his bathing suit Ė No How, No Way. If Sugar Daddy is serious about establishing an arrangement then he is going to come prepared with at least five to ten solids pics. If not, then he simply isnít for real or has something to hide. Keep in mind that about 90% of the population is walking around with a camera on their cell phone. EVERYONE has recent pictures of themselves.

Be forthright in what you are looking for from your Sugar Daddy. Everyone is clear about what the Sugar Daddy dating scene is all about so donít be shy about your personal and financial needs. Also, donít be shocked when Sugar Daddy comes back at you with his requirements. The communication process with Sugar Daddy is probably more accelerated than what you are accustomed to but get used to it; thatís the best part of seeking a Sugar Daddy. The need to mince words has been replaced by a frank and honest discussion about who needs what in order to be happy, truly happy.

If Sugar Daddy comes off shady online then trust your instincts; he probably is. Anything that starts out poorly, including dating a Sugar Daddy, doesnít get any better, it only gets worse. A mutually beneficial relationship is not a one-night stand, itís a relationship built on trust, confidentiality and give and take. But give and take doesnít work when one person is always doing the giving and the other is always doing the taking. Mutually beneficial relationships are a two-way street. Either you are both on the same page from the time you meet online or the arrangement is doomed.

Sugar Daddy dating sites such as WealthSeeksBeauty.com strive to keep their Sugar Babies safe and comfortable and encourage feedback from members who have had a negative experience with a prospective Sugar Daddy. If you donít speak up when there is an issue then you are potentially putting another Sugar Baby in harmís way. Report anything noteworthy, whether it is positive or negative, and everyone benefits. Love the Sugar Daddy dating community and it will love you back tenfold.

Sugar Daddy Online Dating Tip #8Beware of Sugar Daddies who come on too strong or offer gifts that just sound too good to be true. If Sugar Daddy is already willing to buy you a new car in return for you moving in with him, and the two of you havenít even met yet, be a little skeptical. Sure, there are plenty of Sugar Daddies who are financially capable of lavishing you in cars and jewelry, but never ignore your instincts regardless of what Sugar Daddy puts on the table, NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING. If Sugar Daddy is genuinely willing to hook you up with a new car today, heíll be willing to do so in a couple of weeks once the two of you have agreed on the terms of the arrangement.

Donít forget tips #1 through #8 and youíll do just fine.

The above are not hard fast rules. They are more accurately tips, suggestions or just simple guidance to make sure your Sugar Daddy experience is all that you imagined it would be, if not even more. Be polite, but stand your ground. Be assertive, but not pushy. Most importantly, be yourself and not who you think Sugar Daddy wants you to be.

Good Luck!