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Wealth Seeks Beauty Sugar Daddy Online Dating Success
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There are two distinct camps here.

Conservative womenís groups (Camp #1) are quick to chime in that any woman who would strike a financial arrangement with a man in exchange for companionship is setting the gender back 100 years.

According to Camp #2, nothing could be more ludicrous.

What is degrading to women is that fact that even today they still earn 75 cents for every dollar a man makes for performing the same job. Corporate Boyís Clubs still exist, and women are repeatedly passed over for promotions in favor of less experienced, less qualified male counterparts.

Female independence, by sheer definition, means that women should be able to make whatever choices they deem appropriate without risk of verbal repercussions from those who believe morality should be dictated.

The Sugar Baby is the Embodiment of Independence

Alicia graduated from NYU with a masterís degree in international marketing. After a long and exhaustive job search she came to realize that her male employers just didnít take her seriously, regardless of how brilliant and dedicated she was. With $65,000 in student loans looming over her head and her credit cards almost maxed out, Alicia was forced to do some serious thinking.

“The jobs that were being offered to me were ridiculous,” Alicia said candidly. “I would show up at a job interview prepared to discuss global economics and each time they would try to convince me that being an executive assistant was probably the best career path for me to pursue. I just wasnít prepared to be a secretary with a masterís degree.”

Alicia was career-oriented, and since she wasnít looking for a serious relationship that would distract her from her goals, she made a logical choice. She posted a profile that read;

Intelligent professional woman seeks financially well-off mature gentleman to provide financial assistance while I establish my career. I am young, attractive and personable and would make a great life companion for the right man.

Although this profile may sound a little clinical, it is direct and uses some great language. “Life companion” is probably one of the most effective choice of words that can be used to describe the Sugar Daddy arrangement.

Ultimately, after “interviewing” about six potential Sugar Daddies, Alicia found a very wealthy man who was heir to a well-known ethnic foods company. He did right by her and she did right by him. They are currently married and live in Long Island. She has run a successful marketing consulting firm for many years.

Alicia could have knuckled under at any point and taken a job that she hated merely to subsist. Instead of being a rich and satisfying pursuit, her career would have been a soul-sucking experience.

Instead, holding fast to her self-esteem and steeped in the knowledge of her own personal value, she stayed the course and accomplished what she set out to achieve. She built an enviable life for herself and managed to have some fun along the way.

Alicia is the embodiment of the independent modern woman.

Case closed.