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Wealth Seeks Beauty Dating the Married Sugar Daddy
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Extra Marital Relationship Guide 
Married Sugar Daddy Dating Advice

The Pros and Cons of Dating The Married Sugar daddySugar Daddy dating is one of the few contemporary dating dynamics where it can be safely assumed that about one in three men are married. In a mutually beneficial relationship it pretty much has to be taken for granted that Sugar Daddy has a little Mrs. at home.

Married Sugar Daddies seek out Sugar Babies for the same reasons that single ones do. They want adventure, excitement, companionship, and all the other accoutrements of being with a luscious Sugar Baby. But it should be clearly stated that an entirely different set of standards and precepts apply when dating the married Sugar Daddy.

Keep a few things in mind when seeking an arrangement with a married Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddies that are in long-term relationships have invariably had a woman on the side on numerous occasions. Believe me when I say that you are not his first, nor will you likely be his last. Married Sugar Daddies are at peace with the fact that they have a wife, and usually children at home. But home may be across the state, on the other side of the country or even on another continent.

If they feel fine about the arrangement and you do too, then do what comes naturally. Ultimately, if you don’t come out and play, someone else will.

If you have to consider the moral ramifications of dating a married Sugar Daddy for more than ten seconds, then the arrangement is not the one for you. On the surface you may consider yourself to be a progressive thinker but if you possess even so much as a single judgmental bone in your body, it’s better that you stay clear entirely.

Sugar Daddies, particularly married ones, seek out Sugar Babies for carefree relaxation, companionship and renewed intimacy. Since it is impossible to say what their home life is like, it must be assumed that these fundamental needs are not already being met. With that in mind, the Sugar Baby must tread lightly in order to avoid exacerbating the very same elements they are supposed to be remedying.

The Sugar Baby as a ConfidantNothing is more honest than a mutually beneficial arrangement. If your married Sugar Daddy has taken you into his confidence by providing you with details about his marriage it is your responsibility to maintain a strict code of silence.

The Sugar Baby must adhere to an absolute information blackout. This means refraining from revealing details to best friends, mothers, sisters or anyone else “who would never say anything to anyone else in a million years.” If you want to keep a secret then tell no one.

The consequences of a single, seemingly innocent, slip of the tongue can prove devastating, both emotionally and financially, setting off a chain reaction that is not easily rectified. If you elect to accept the role of confidant then it is your solemn duty to uphold confidentiality at all times.

This is a fact. Accept it.

The married Sugar Daddy is a little more time pressed and maybe a little more emotionally over extended than his single counterpart. Due to their accelerated schedule, married Sugar Daddies cherish the time they spend with their Sugar Babies even more.

They are not always available for the weekend in Nantucket or the night out on South Beach, so their playtime is all the more precious to them. Since they may lack the luxury of spontaneity, they have a tendency to be planners.

Simple things like just being able to sleep over take on a higher value. The Sugar Baby’s smallest gestures of compassion are amplified ten-fold. The single Sugar Daddy can spend any night of the week with his Sugar Baby, so his level of gratitude may diminish over time, if he had any at all to begin with. The married Sugar Daddy, however, cherishes every moment he gets to steal away with his secret confidant.

By sheer design, the married Sugar Daddy dynamic is far more conducive to fostering greater “in the moment” experiences. Little things that would otherwise go unnoticed by a single, possibly more distracted Sugar Daddy, take on a higher emotional value.

For whatever reason, married Sugar Daddies feel the need to overcompensate. If you allude to the fact that you need a new mattress, you’ll probably wind up with a new bedroom set. If it comes up in conversation that you’re planning a trip to the west coast, the tickets will most likely be business class as opposed to coach. Mention your car has been less than reliable and well, you get the idea.

The married Sugar Daddy is more realistic about the dynamic and never deludes himself that he is anything other than a Sugar Daddy.

Since the married Sugar Daddy has obligations at home, you may reap the rewards of the Sugar Daddy dynamic while still being able to maintain your personal space. Thoughtful personal items may be delivered by the UPS man as opposed to being given in person. Text messages may take the place of lunch dates and for the most part, the time the two off you spend together will be carefully mapped out. Married Sugar Daddy makes every minute count.

If you want a distinguished gentlemen to enhance your personal situation but you still love your free time, then the married Sugar Daddy is your obvious choice.

As quickly as they arrive on the scene, that’s how fast married Sugar Daddies exit stage left.

When this occurs it is of tantamount importance that the Sugar Baby moves on as well. Even if the relationship was intense, intoxicating or intelligent, done means done, but this should not be construed as personal criticism.

Hopefully there was some quality time for a proper goodbye. However, if your married Sugar Daddy seems to have fallen off of the face of the earth, the Sugar Baby must accept the enigma without feeling compelled to solve it. The reason your married Sugar Daddy opted out of the dynamic is inconsequential. The important part is that you had fun while it lasted.